Fix: Instagram Bio Not Working (Best Tested 11 Ways)

How to Fix an Instagram Bio Not Working?
How to Fix an Instagram Bio Not Working?

My Instagram account bio is not working! I can’t edit my Instagram bio. It’s not working! Are you dealing with the same problem? 📄 In this article, I will discuss the best ways to solve and fix an Instagram bio not working and changing.

Why Is My Instagram Bio Not Working and Changing?

Your Instagram bio is like a digital ID that shows your identity, aspirations, and personality in just a few lines. We can liken creating a beautiful Instagram bio to a work of art that allows individuals and businesses alike to captivate audiences with an overview of their world. However, what happens when your carefully chosen words stubbornly refuse to update?

You are not the only one who comes across an Instagram bio not changing problem. In this article, I reveal the secrets related to the reasons and solutions of how to fix Instagram bio not working. Here is the list of some possibilities that your Instagram bio not changing and saving and generally not working at all:

1- Use of more characters than allowed in the bio

Instagram imposes a character limit on bios to maintain beauty and efficiency, making sure your profile delivers a concise yet impactful message. One of the main reasons why my Instagram bio won’t change is because I’ve exceeded the character limit.
Exceeding the character limit can prevent my changes from saving, leaving me wondering why my new bio remains unchanged. When creating a biography, it is important to count characters carefully. Each letter, number, space, and emoji adds to the total number of characters. Therefore, it is necessary to be a little obsessive in choosing the characters.
Use of more characters than allowed in the bio

2- Instagram bio not changing due to unsupported format

Instagram format for bio is more limited compared to other platforms. While it supports hyphens, emojis, and even some special characters, some things may not work as expected. Attempting to use an unsupported format, such as special fonts or long spacing, can result in an Instagram bio not changing and saving. Adhering to the format constraints that Instagram provides is the best choice to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing bio.

3- An Instagram account not working due to Using unsupported links

Another common obstacle that users face is using unsupported links. Instagram does not support any offensive URLs. Do not use links that others have forwarded to you. These links are considered as malicious links or spam. If the link you want to add to your Instagram bio contains gray or illegal content, the link will be blocked. The link must be entered in a special format starting with “http: / / ” or “https: / / “. Otherwise, the Instagram system will not recognize the link as valid and this link in an Instagram bio not working.

An Instagram account not working due to Using unsupported links

Also, to use a link in an Instagram bio, pay attention to the following:

  • Instagram does not support shortened URLs.
  • Do not use forwarded links. Instagram considers them malicious links or spam.
  • Do not use unpopular domain extensions such as *.me, *.rest, *.wtf, etc.
  • Due to the character limit in Instagram bio, do not use excessively long links.

4- Check internet connection

The stability of your internet connection and the good performance of Instagram’s servers behind the scenes play a key role in saving your changes. A stable connection is a bridge between your device and Instagram servers. Changes you make to your bio are sent to Instagram servers for processing. If your connection is weak, inconsistent, or interrupted, the update may not reach the servers successfully and the Instagram bio not changing and saving.

5- Fix Instagram bio not working due to server delays and bugs

Like any complex online platform, Instagram relies on a network of servers to manage user interactions. However, Instagram’s servers are subject to occasional delays, glitches, or even overloads. When you make changes to your bio, these changes must be processed by the servers before they are reflected across the platform. Delays may occur due to various factors, including high user activity, technical problems, or routine maintenance. As a result, your bio change may be delayed or not take effect until the server issue is resolved.

 fix an Instagram Bio Not Working

6- Hashtag and mentioning issues

In the Instagram bio, hashtags and mentions can have a significant impact. However, the strategic use of these elements requires a careful understanding of their impact, as they can also become problematic for bio. Instagram maintains a list of banned or restricted hashtags, often due to their association with inappropriate or abusive content. If your bio contains a prohibited hashtag, either intentionally or unintentionally, it can affect your efforts to modify your profile and due to Instagram bio not showing up.

7- Instagram bio not updating because of using an old version of Instagram

Instagram regularly introduces new features, bug fixes, and security improvements to provide users with the best experience possible. If you’re using an old version of the Instagram app, you might be missing out on more than you think, including the inability to change your Instagram bio!

You can update your Instagram on Android by following the steps below:

Open the Play Store app.

Tap on your Gmail ID icon.

Tap on Manage Apps and Device.

Instagram bio not saving

Tap on Updates Available.

instagram bio not updating

Scroll through the apps waiting to install the update.

If Instagram is listed, tap the Update button next to it.

Instagram bio not showing up

You can update your Instagram on iOS by following the steps below:

Go to the App Store.

Tap the Apple ID avatar.

instagram link not working in bio

Now, in the list of apps waiting for an update, check if Instagram is also on the list or not. Tap Update to install the update.

instagram profile link in bio not working

8- Clear the cache to fix an Instagram bio not working

When it comes to your bio, cache can be a big problem. The bonus is that your profile, including your bio, loads quickly without having to fetch data from the internet every time. However, when you make changes to your bio and it doesn’t reflect, it could be because Instagram is still getting a previously saved version of your profile. To fix an Instagram bio not working and updating, clear the cache of your Instagram app. This action requires the app to fetch fresh data from the servers and ensure that your new bio matches the latest changes.

Long press the Instagram app icon. Then tap on App Info from the shortcut icon.

Tap Storage & Cache.

instagram links in bio not working

Next, tap on Clear Cache.

instagram bio mention not working

Close App Info and restart Instagram.

Try editing the bio.

9- Instagram bio not changing due to temporary ban

A temporary ban, also known as “Shadowban” or “Action block”, is a temporary restriction imposed by Instagram on your account. This can happen for several reasons, including violating community guidelines, using too much automation, or being linked to spam. This ban is usually accompanied by limiting your ability to like, comment, follow, change your username, post content, or even change your bio. So it is better to wait to remove your Instagram bio limit.

10- Try using a web browser to login to an Instagram account

If the previous methods did not resolve the problem of Instagram bio not saving, try accessing your account through a browser to see if the issue persists. Instead of your phone, you can also access Instagram from your PC.

To do this:

Open the browser on your PC.

Go to Login to your account.

Try to edit the bio and add the required link

link in instagram bio not working

11- Contact Instagram support

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to contact Instagram support.

Go to your Instagram profile.

Tap the 3-line menu button on the top right.

Tap Settings.

Tap Help.

Next, tap Report a Problem.

instagram bio not showing up

Select the Report a Problem option from the pop-up window.

instagram bio not saving.

Briefly describe your problem and add screenshots of your problems if needed. Press Submit to submit a report to the Instagram support team.

instagram link not working in bio

After this, someone from Instagram support will probably help you to solve the problem. Definitely, the more complete your explanation, the better solution will be provided to you.


What is the Fastest Way to Solve the Problem?

In this article, I discussed many ways to solve the problem of not changing the Instagram bio. Reducing the number of characters, updating Instagram, checking the Internet connection, and clearing the cache are among the fastest ways to solve the problem.

Can the Use of IP Changer Be Effective in the Instagram Bio Not Working?

Some Instagram users have mentioned the use of an IP changer as a reason for this problem. Considering the necessity of using an IP changer for Instagram in the current situation, it is better to use a quality IP changer.

What is the Last Way to Solve the Problem of Instagram Bio Not Changing?

If you have tried the basic ways to solve the problem and have not succeeded, you can finally contact Instagram support and get their help in this matter.

How to Delete Previous Instagram Bios?

To delete previous Instagram bios, you can follow the steps below: Log in to your Instagram account. Click on the profile icon (your picture) at the bottom of the page to go to your profile. On your profile page, click the "Edit Profile" button below your profile picture. On the edit profile page, go to the "Bio" or "Biography" section. There may be a text or link in this section. Delete or edit it. After removing the desired text, save the changes. This option is usually located at the top or bottom of the screen in the form of a "Save" button.


On Instagram, a few bio lines can speak widely about your identity, aspirations, and brand. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your bio accurately reflects your story. Throughout this article, we have explored various factors that can help you fix an Instagram bio not working and updating. You may use an unsupported format or have more than the allowed number of characters in your text.

In some cases, you are using unauthorized content such as links or hashtags that are restricted on Instagram. Or even your account may be restricted for using such things. But before you go into complex scenarios, it is better to check your internet connection. Clear Instagram cache once. Using the web version of Instagram is also another way to solve the problem. Finally, if your problem is not resolved, you can contact Instagram support.

Your suggestions and opinions?

We hope that you have succeeded in changing your Instagram bio by using the reason for not changing an Instagram bio. Were the methods we mentioned in this article useful for you? Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comment section.

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