How to Fix Prime Video Not Working On Samsung TV? (Solved)

How to Fix Prime Video Not Working On Samsung TV Free? ( 7 Best Tasted Ways)
How to Fix Prime Video Not Working On Samsung TV Free? ( 7 Best Tasted Ways)

There’s a chance that the Prime Video app may stop working properly. But don’t worry, several possible solutions can resolve this problem and get the app back up and running on your Samsung TV. 📺 I’ll discuss how to fix Prime Video not working on Samsung TV and resume watching your favorite TV episodes and films.

Fix Prime Video App Not Working on Samsung TV

Prime Video not working on Samsung TV something went wrong! Is your Samsung TV showing a blank screen when you try to watch Prime videos, or is the Amazon Prime app stuck on the loading page? Here, we’ll go over several solutions for the Samsung TV not working with Amazon Prime Video problem. Let’s get started.

1- Fix Prime Video not working on Samsung TV by Updating TV software

Often, the Samsung TV’s software has issues causing problems with Prime Video and other apps not working, rather than the Prime Video app itself. You have to examine and update the software on your TV to repair it.

For that, go to TV Settings > Support > Software update. Select Update now.

prime video compatible samsung tv

2- Check your internet to fix Amazon Prime Video not working on Samsung TV

A slow internet connection may be the cause of the Amazon Prime Video app being stuck on your TV’s loading screen. You need to verify if your internet is functioning.
Restart your WiFi modem and keep the distance between your modem and TV reasonable.  Disable any VPN software you are currently using and try switching the Wi-Fi network if you can fix Prime Video not working on Samsung TV.

3- Open Prime Video app from App store

Although unusual, this repair has proven helpful to many users. You have to try opening the app through the TV App Store rather than the home screen.

  • Choose the Apps option from the home screen of your TV.
  • Click on the Search icon and type Prime Video.
  • To launch the app, choose Prime Video.

amazon prime video not working on samsung tv

4- Clear cache

On a Samsung TV, you need to clear the cache of the Prime Video app. Follow the steps:

  • On your Samsung TV, select Settings. You can either choose the Settings icon from the TV’s home screen or hit the Settings button on the remote.
  • Select Support from the Settings menu, then Device Care.
  • Choose “Manage storage.”
  • Your TV’s installed app list will appear. Press the Down button on the Prime Video app to shift the selection to View Details. Choose it.
  • Click on Clear Cache.

amazon prime video not working on my samsung smart tv

5- Edit Date and Time

Apps like Prime Video may display a black screen while the date and time on your Samsung TV are off. To fix Prime Video not working on Samsung TV and display of black screen follow the steps below:

Go to Settings > General > System Manager > Time > Clock > Clock Mode to adjust the date and time on your TV. Turn on Auto.

prime video not working on samsung tv something went wrong

6- Reinstall Video Prime app to fix Amazon Prime Video not working on Samsung TV

Reinstalling the Prime Video app on a Samsung TV is another solution to the app’s issue. In most cases, you have to uninstall an app first, and then reinstall it. But, since Prime Video comes pre-installed on the majority of Samsung TVs, you are unable to remove it. However, Samsung does allow you to reinstall it.

Follow the steps:

  • From the home screen of the TV, select Apps.
  • Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner.
  • Open the Prime Video app, then choose Reinstall.

why is prime video not working on my samsung tv

  • Wait for the app’s reinstallation on your Samsung TV. Restart your TV when the app has been reinstalled, then open it again.

7- Check Your Subscription to fix Prime video not working on Samsung TV

Your Prime subscription may have expired and you did not renew it, which is a possibility. On the Amazon website, you may view the specifics of your Prime subscription.


How to reset Samsung TV?

Finally, you can try factory resetting your TV if nothing else seems to be working. By doing this, you will sign out of your Samsung account and reset all of your apps. It will work just like a brand-new TV. Go to Samsung TV Settings > General> Reset to reset your TV.

How to open Prime Video in Browser?

Try opening Prime Video using the Samsung Internet Browser on your TV if the app remains stuck at the Amazon logo. All you have to do is to open your TV's web browser application. Open the browser, go to, and log into your Amazon account. After that, try to unfreeze Prime Video on your Samsung TV by returning to the Prime Video app.

Can I watch Prime Video free?

It is not necessary to have an Amazon Prime membership to view Prime Video. Even if you don't have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, you can still purchase or rent a few movies from the Prime Video catalog.


After completing the previously mentioned adjustments, hopefully you are able to use the Prime Video app on your Samsung TV. After everything are back on track, You can watch your favorite movie or series with no trouble in prime video won’t load on Samsung TV.

Your suggestions and ideas?

In this article I tried to give you best solutions to fix Prime video not working on Samsung TV, with the help of which you can hopefully solve this issue. If you know of another solutions or have an opinion or suggestion, you can share it with us in the comment section of this article. Thank you so much for supporting us.

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