15 Best Drinking Game Apps (Free & Fun Apps)

Best drinking game apps free
Best drinking game apps free

In this world, drinking games are nothing new. Playing dates back to the ancient Greek and Chinese eras. The present distinction is in the digital mapping of them, which is exhibited to you through computers and smartphones. A large selection of drinking games are available. I will talk about the best drinking game apps 🍻 for iPhone’s and Android devices in this article.

Best Apps for Drinking Games

Drinking games have been so popular for a long time. One major explanation could be that people dislike working with the equipment (cards, list of questions, drinking rules). You’re a lucky person! Today, I’ll show you a fantastic list of the best drinking game apps for Android, and iPhone that require nothing except your willingness to have fun!

1- The King’s Cup, the best drinking game apps

One of the best drinking game apps on iOS and Android is “The king’s cup”. The concept and guidelines of the game remain the same on iOS and Android, despite slight differences in the logo and game design. It’s important to note that the rules are identical to those of the card game, King’s Cup, naturally. To remind you, there is one rule for each card.

The King’s Cup, best drinking game apps

2- Hangovr

An entertaining drinking game app with a cool logo “Hangover”! It is designed to be played by 2 to 16 players, although it works well as a drinking game for smaller groups. The method for selecting a turn is something I find fascinating. All of you place your fingers on the screen, and it tells you who should go next.

best drinking game app

3- IPuke

The wild party drinking game iPuke, from Mint Mobile, can satisfy your desire for an exciting night out with pals.
Drawing cards with two challenges, a dare, and a set number of shots is the objective of this iPuke game. You must select one of these to continue playing the game.

These two tasks are each worth some points. The winner of the game is the first participant to attain the predetermined point total. There are almost 300 different types of dares that you may encounter here. You may download and play iPuke from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

best drinking game app

4- Never Have I Ever

Marco Studios developed Never Have I Ever, one of the best 2 person drinking game apps. It allows you to learn the truth about your friends and family. This game comprises a hundred questions covering various topics.
This app is available in both the Play Store and the app Store. You can play with an unlimited number of players. The game has four game-play modes: normal, teens, couples, and adults. To enjoy this game with your family, play it in normal mode.

Never Have I Ever

5- Picolo

Picolo is a drinking game app by Marmelapp. This is a hilarious app that will make you laugh out loud and have a great time. Picolo can provide fun to any gathering, whether it’s at a pub or a night out with friends and it’s one of the best drinking game apps that is available both for iOS and Android.

drinking game app

6- Do or Drink

Never fails to surprise us, Do Or Drink! It’s all about doing something or drinking, as the name would imply. There are NSFW, Classic, “Would You Rather?”, and “Kings Cup” challenges among other things. Free decks include the Demo Deck, Classic, Kings Cup, Punishment, and Rule decks.

You can buy the additional decks, but some are unlocked when you play one of the earlier ones. Have so much fun with one of the best drinking game apps available for iOS and Android.

Best drinking game app

7- King of Booze

King of Booze drinking game app has a cool game concept. There’s this incredible chance that, after the dice are rolled, tells you which challenge to finish and how many shots to take! The names of the players should be included, and each inquiry should be personalized. It recommends which female to kiss, which buddy to let draw a mustache on you, and how many beers to have. I adore how imaginative and enjoyable each challenge is. Users of iPhones need to spend $2.99 to download the game.

King of Booze

8- Drunk Potato

Another entertaining Android adult drinking game app that has a lot of questions and challenges is called Drunk Potato. With this quick-paced drinking game, you may fully enjoy your party evening. The name is a little odd, don’t you think? However, this original version is not available as a drinking game on the App Store. Answer arbitrary questions before the timer goes off and giving the phone to the next player is the entire point of the game.

Questions include things like “Name five animals that people eat,” “Name two dancing-related movies,” “Name three foods you crave when you’re hungover,” and other such ones. You must drink if you find yourself stuck on the questions after the timer has gone off.

drinking game app

9- Drinkie

The next app that I suggest to you is “Drinkie” drinking games that combine several activities, such as actions, ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions, spinning the bottle, and new rules. Among many other awesome things, you’ll make the boys or girls drink, initiate group challenges, add a laughing rule, and share personal experiences! We enjoy having a lot of fun when we play the Tipsy Pack.

Best drinking game app

10- 5 Second Rule

The ““5 Second Rule” is a well-known and universally adored drinking game app. Similar to the regular game, the objective is to name as many items (probably three or five) as you can in the allotted five seconds after selecting a category! You might be required to list three knickers brands, canine breeds, regional motion picture titles, motorbike brands, and more. You need to drink if you are unable to respond in five seconds. Make sure you click on guessed or not indications before drinking alcohol. Even though 5 seconds might not seem like much, train your brain to process information more quickly!

Best drinking game app

11- Most Likely To…

You’ll find your “Who’s Most Likely To” questions in the app “Most likely to…”, exactly like in the traditional drinking game. You will be asked questions such as “Most likely to laugh until they cry,” “Most likely to have a sexual experience,” “Most likely to urinate in the shower,” and a plethora of other surprising ones! Everyone must vote for the candidate they believe best suits the topic after reading the question. The player with the highest votes is required to drink alcohol.

Most Likely To…

12- Drinkopoly

But really, who doesn’t like a good game of Drinkopoly? Unexpected things abound in the game! There will be an interesting mix since you can choose to play with more than one deck. There will be several features in this new mobile drinking app, including mini-games, fights, jackpots, and night confessions, among many more. Certain difficulties necessitate drinking to be completed, while others require it to succeed.

Best drinking game app

13- Charades! best drinking game app Android

With the multi-activity drinking game app Charades!, you and your pals may have a fun time. It includes a variety of tasks, including acting, dancing, singing, and sketching.
You have to guess the word on the card that is placed on your head in order to win this game.

You must take action based on your friend’s hints. You have a certain amount of time to complete this. Charades! offers over forty-five different themed decks to select from. This game is also available for download for iPhone and Android smartphones.

drinking game app

14- Heads Up! Best Drinking Game App iOS

Heads Up! is hilarious and entertaining and one of the best apps for iPhone for drinking games that are excellent to play with friends. It’s a guessing game with singing, dialects, and celebrity names. It can add fun and entertainment to your house party. The Play Store and App Store both have this app accessible.

best drinking game app

15- Drink It

Let’s welcome a game packed of intriguing concepts and lots with questions “Drink it“! If you choose the first pack, the Classic, you will have to deal with “Most Likely,” “Act It,” “Category,” “Never Have I Ever,” “Do It,” and other tasks like acting out Harry Potter without revealing his name. You will also have to deal with “New Rule,” “Never Have I Ever,” and “Event.” We adore witnessing such a diversity of items.

best drinking game app


What Are Drinking Game Apps?

Drinking games are so popular from a long time ago. One major explanation could be that people dislike working with the equipment (cards, list of questions, drinking rules). You're a lucky person! Today, I'll show you a fantastic list of best drinking game apps for Android, iPhone that require nothing except your willingness to have fun!

What Are the Best Drinking Game Apps for iOS and Android?

A list of 15 best drinking game apps is available for iOS and Android. Look at this list and choose your favorite app based on your interest!


To make your party engaging, enjoyable, and amusing, you will undoubtedly require entertainment. And while these recommended drinking game apps provide top-notch entertainment, they can lighten the mood of your party guests. Try out these game apps and select the finest one to use for your upcoming home party.

Your suggestions and opinions?

In this article, I have introduced you best drinking game apps, with the help of which you can have more fun with your friends. If you know of another drinking game app or have an opinion or suggestion, you can share it with us in the comment section of this article. Thank you so much for supporting us.

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